5 Tony Award nominations for A View from the Bridge



We’re super pleased that our Broadway production of A View from the Bridge has been nominated for 5 Tony Awards 2016. The US revival of Arthur Miller’s tragic masterpiece directed by the Olivier award-winning Ivo van Hove ran at New York’s Lyceum Theatre earlier this year. To see what audiences said about the show, click here.

A View from the Bridge is nominated in the following categories:

Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Play
Mark Strong

Best Revival of a Play

Best Scenic Design
Jan Versweyveld

Best Lighting Design of a Play
Jan Versweyveld

Best Direction of a Play
Ivo van Hove

The full list of nominations here: www.tonyawards.com

A View from the Bridge nominated for 4 Drama Desk Awards

We’re delighted that A View from the Bridge has received 4 nominations for the 2016 Drama Desk Awards.

Photo by Jan Versweyveld.

The nominations include ‘Outstanding Revival of a Play’, ‘Outstanding Actor in a Play’ for Mark Strong’s incredible performance as Brooklyn longshoreman, Eddie Carbone, ‘Outstanding Actress in a Play’ for Nicola Walker as Eddie’s wife Beatrice Carbone, and Ivo van Hove received a nomination for ‘Outstanding Director of a Play’.

A View from the Bridge recently played in New York at the Lyceum Theatre from 21 Oct to 21 Feb 2016, electrifying audiences.

Re-live  ‘one of the great theatrical productions of the decade’ or experience it for the first time, when the production will be shown on NT Live screens on 12 May. You can find your nearest cinema showing A View from the Bridge and get a ticket on ntlive’s website.

Remembering stories from The Cut

On 17 April, 1941, a bomb shelter on the former site of a baker’s shop, which is now the location of the Young Vic’s main house, suffered a direct hit. All 54 people sheltering there were killed. The youngest victim was two months. The oldest 81 years. Entire families of children, parents and grandparents. To imagine the horror of those last moments, and the grief that followed, is an impossible task, one which we had no desire – or right – to undertake. But we did want to find a way of remembering. So we started to think about all the other people who had inhabited the building over time, what patterns their footsteps made, what their legacies might have been.

People sharing stories in Platform Southwark

Local residents sharing their stories. Photo by Jerome Toole.

We wanted to acknowledge all of the echoes. The Young Vic is a living palimpsest, a re-usable manuscript. Built in a butcher’s shop next to a baker’s on top of a bomb site, it inhabits a space in the community far greater than its considerable size suggests. So we designed and built a cart. Part rag and bone, part postbox, we trundled it around the local area with artist, Anna Beecher over the course of a year. We parked it in estate courtyards, community centres, the street and our own foyer and invited local residents and people who had moved out of the area to contribute stories and memories, gradually building up a vivid picture of a changing area.

Drawings, quotes and caligraphy were hung on the walls of Platform Southwark

Visitors reading stories with designs by Anna Beecher. Photo by Jerome Toole.

On Saturday 16 April, 2016, almost 75 years to the day after the bomb hit, we gathered all of the collected postcards and created an installation that could be explored and added to. A group of five storytellers, who we had contacted and worked with over a few weeks to expand their contribution, read at the event and we played a voice recording of an 88 year old woman who moved away years ago. Stories of tailored overcoats, racial tension in the 70s, flower stalls, jellied eels and overnight cleaners at Waterloo were delivered in a celebratory atmosphere enhanced by a piano player, tea, and lots of cake. The cart we built will now live on as part of a community garden. A fitting fate for a project that was designed to commemorate past, present, and future.

The Cut sharing at Platform Southwark - stories from The Cut shared on postcards

Cut Cart postcards, each with a personal story from the area. Photo by Jerome Toole.

In memory of those who were tragically killed on 17 April 1941

Today we remember those who were tragically killed on our site on The Cut, on 17 April 1941, 75 years ago.

The building that stood here, a bakery, suffered a direct hit as all 54 people killed were sheltering in the cellars.

They were:


Researched and complied by Low and Lew Sheppherd, 1997.

Ola Ince on Dutchman, race and research

We caught up with Dutchman director, Ola Ince, to discuss how she found Dutchman, why she chose it for the Genesis Future Directors Award and why the play is still so relevant today, over 50 years on from it being written by Amiri Baraka.

Ola shared some of her research with us; the documentaries, videos and articles she explored with the cast and her creative team whilst researching and rehearsing Dutchman. The breadth of research demonstrates how much information goes in to bringing a script to life and the inspiration behind staging the characters and their relationships.

The Sixties – The Years That Shaped a Generation, 2005
Storyville, Black panthers – On BBC iplayer
The African Americans, Many Rivers to Cross, Rise 1940 – 1968
Beat Generation, The Source
Thelonious Monk: Staight No Chaser
Black Power mixtape
Legends, The Motown Invasion
White people, MTV

Amiri Baraka

New York Underground, 1960’s archive footage


Cartoons – for Clay’s attraction to Lula


Dutchman runs at the Young Vic until 16 April: www.youngvic.org/whats-on/dutchman
Find out more about the Genesis Future Directors Award on the Young Vic Directors Program.

11 Question with the cast of If You Kiss Me, Kiss Me – Kipper

5. Kipper in rehearsals for If You Kiss Me, Kiss Me at the Young Vic. Photo by Leon Puplett..jpg

Kipper in rehearsal for If You Kiss Me, Kiss Me at the Young Vic. Photo by Leon Puplett.

Kipper is currently in If You Kiss Me, Kiss Me at the Young Vic. The musical production and arrangements in the show are also by Kipper. Here are his answers to our 11 questions.

Can you describe your character in If You Kiss Me, Kiss Me in three words?
Moody. Enigmatic. Guitarist.

What are you usually doing 10 minutes before the show begins?
Tying up my shoelaces.

What is your favourite play (seen, read or worked on)?
Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

What is your favourite midnight snack?
Camomile tea and a ginger biscuit.

What are you most passionate about?
Music that I write.

If you could be in a room full of any one thing, what would it be?

Favourite holiday you’ve ever been on?
Chile – backpacking.

Favourite city and why?
Queenstown, New Zealand – varied, small and set in the past.

What is your favourite song?
The next one I write.

If you could have been born in any era, which would it be and why?
The Sixties. Free love, great drugs and music discovery.

If you could have any one supernatural power which would you choose and why?
Metapotence. Who wouldn’t want the freedom to do absolutely anything without justification.

If You Kiss Me, Kiss Me runs at the Young Vic until 16 Apr. For more information/to book tickets: www.youngvic.org/whats-on/if-you-kiss-me-kiss-me

If You Kiss Me, Kiss Me | FLASHBACK!

With Jane Horrocks on stage on our main house singing her own gritty and soulful versions of the new wave music she grew up with, we’re throwing it back with these blast from the past snaps of our If You Kiss Me, Kiss Me cast and creative team from way back when.

But can you tell your Rat Scabies from your Kipper? Answers are at the bottom of this post!

Bunny Christie  Version 2

Rat Scabies 2 - c. Gavin Watson Michael Walters - USE Jane Horrocks

Kipper Fabienne-Debarre  Joe Hancock  Conor Doyle  Aletta-Collins Lorena-Randi  Andreas-Fuchs

From top, left to right: Bunny Christie, Daniel Hay Gordon, Rat Scabies (Photo by Gavin Watson), Michael Walters, Jane Horrocks, Kipper, Fabienne Debarre, Joe Hancock, Conor Doyle, Aletta Collins, Lorena Randi and Andreas Fuchs.

If You Kiss Me, Kiss Me plays at the Young Vic until 16 April. To book or find out more, click here.