Why children?

Why create a show about ageing, performed by children?
Director David Harradine explains…

On Ageing is not a piece about ‘being old’, it is a piece about ageing, and as such it is about something that everybody, whether they’re six or sixty or ninety, can relate to.

After talking with a lot of older people, the same idea kept emerging… people continue to feel young even as they become old and that gives us the image of having a younger person’s or even a child’s outlook on life, at the same time as living with an ageing body.

Fevered Sleep has made a lot of work for children, in which we’ve involved children in our creative processes.  We wanted to take this one step further, and see if it was possible to create a show using all our usual approaches and ideas, only working with children.

Buy tickets / More info about the show >>

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