On Ageing – News From the Front Line!

(Written 4 September)

We’ve just finished our fifth week of rehearsals, and the show is finally beginning to reveal itself.  I never cease to be surprised by how bonkers devising is.  It’s a bit like looking for something in the dark, and not knowing what you’re looking for, and certainly not knowing where the light-switch is.  All you can do is hold tight, keep your eyes open and hope that you’ll see it coming, the show, the thing you’re looking for.

Now that we can see what On Ageing might be, it’s turning into a very exciting time, every day discovering new possibilities in the material, and new directions to explore, and digging deeper and finding more.

Watch this space – and who knows, by the 27th September we might actually have discovered the full magic of what this show wants to be…

David Harradine (Director of On Ageing)

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