Behind The Scenes on “The Human Comedy” at The Young Vic

I was asked to come into the Young Vic and film a rehearsal of The Human Comedy on the day that the cast had their first rehearsal on the Main Stage. This short films’ primary use was to go as part of a trio of shorts I shot (as part of the up and coming Media Lab) for The Young Vic on their 40 Years Young anniversary.

It was a very busy day as it was also The Cast and Community’s first day of Tech in amongst the set (designed by the ridiculously talented Jon Bausor). I found that I had very little work to do, there were so many things happening that all I had to do was point and shoot and 9/10 I caught something interesting. To add to the rehearsal footage, I interviewed the a-for mentioned Designer Jon, the actors Brenda Edwards and Terel Nugent, and members of the community choir; Ceilidh, Anthony, Kayode, Tyrel, Zoe and Cathy. The thing that struck me about them all is their excitement and passion of being involved in this production.

All in all I hope this video encapsulates one of the many things that make the Young Vic unique; its involvement with the local community, and its ability to make all who take part, feel like a star.

Adam Hipkin, Young Vic Youth Council

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