Pet Shop Boys + David Almond = My Dad’s a Birdman

My Dad’s a Birdman, a show we originally staged in 2003 is returning this Christmas. Only this time, it’s bigger and better than ever!

That’s right! We have just confirmed that the world famous electronic duo Pet Shop Boys will be writing original music for it. It’s their first venture into a theatre project for young audiences and so we’re really looking forward to hearing what they will come up with. Plus David Almond’s just won this year’s Hans Christian Andersen Award, also perhaps better known as the ‘Nobel Prize for children’s literature’.

Not many people remember or are aware of this, but My Dad’s a Birdman actually originated as a play. It was later turned into the beautiful best-selling children’s book, which is what it’s more known as now. When Almond’s award-winning work Skellig was being staged in our Main House back in 2003, he used similar themes and wrote My Dad’s a Birdman for our younger audiences to be staged at the same time next door – in The Maria studio.

The story is really beautiful, dealing with love and loss in a way that younger children can understand. There’s a great synopsis and quick interview of David Almond on the Booktrust’s website.

Also launched today is the My Dad’s a Birdman Drawing Competition. Win an autographed copy of the beautiful book by David Almond (courtesy of the wonderful Walker Books) and a goody bag. Submit your drawings today (you have to be ten or under though)!

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