Dear diary, love the Faust Cast #1

JUST ANNOUNCED: An extra performance (Wednsday 27 October, 2.45pm) of Faust now on sale.  The show sold out a few weeks ago, so buy your tickets now!

We’ve asked the Faust cast to give us permission to look into their diaries… they have graciously agreed and so for the next few days, we’ll be rolling them out here.

First up, Unnur, who plays Greta.

Day 2
Landed in Gatwick 7pm after a nice flight.
Butterflies in stomach for exciting times in London.
What are we getting ourselves into?
It’s quite exciting but also quite unpredictable.
We ate at our first Indian restaurant with the Artistic Director of the Young Vic David Lan. He told us some exciting news that I’m not going to tell now but maybe later.
Walked around the city and got very inspired by everything and realized how small Reykjavik is in comparison.
Accidentally went into the theatre where Shunt is.
Came into the Young Vic for the first time this morning. Most of us haven’t been there before but some of us have done a few shows there, like Romeo and Juliet.
It’s a really cool theatre with a great atmosphere. The auditorium seats about 450 people and there’s 40 shows being performed. It’s nearly sold out they tell me… that’s a great relief!
We had a text run in the rehearsal room. It  wasn’t too bad, afterall we did have one of the best voice coaches from London who trained us in Iceland the week before we left.
The pressure is great… what will people think about the show? Will the critics like it?
Nilli, the gymnast, damaged his stomach muscles last time when performing in Romeo & Juliet – will he survive this trip?
This is very exciting and the atmosphere in the group is great – great morale + team spirit!

London day 5
For the first time, we went on stage today where the technical people have been working day and night getting everything together… the set, the LX, the rigging, the net… all of it.
We are getting very excited to run-through on set and to check out all the gymnastic tricks in the show especially as our first preview is on Saturday and it’s a full-house!

We actors have been going through our lines practicing our English for the play and running through the whole play for the past 4 days in the rehearsal room.
Svava the gymnast was shot up from the pit for the first time yesterday.  It’s mostly her and Nilli who are sacrificed when we need stunts tried out  (guinea pigs). Great fun for them!

It went really well and I think it’s even more effective than in Iceland because the distance that  Nina will be shot from in the theatre is much further than in Reykjavik. There was a great report about us in Time Out yesterday – some pictures and an interview with Gisli as well.
It seems to be that a buzz is starting here in London for our Vesturport Icelandic company production of Faust.
Now I’m going to walk over to the theatre and try to squeeze myself into the corset for the first technical rehearsal.

2nd week in London
This is our 2nd week in London and the first preview is over… it was a strange feeling to stand in front of a full house for the first time last Saturday, acting in English and trying to make it look effortless!

The technical wasn’t quite there yet but we have a week to finalize this and make the show perfect. The audience reception was great, the applause was amazing. The pressure is great on us though – we are working on changes but Gisli the director is very conscious to let us rest between rehearsals so we won’t overexert ourselves and to keep our strength up. Some of us are getting ill but they’ll get well soon we hope!

Someone’s Facebook status – the best piece of theatre they’ve ever experienced yesterday! Go and see Faust.

The actual Press Night is next Friday 1 October, where all the critics and guests will come along. It’s been great having been able to do previews to full houses for a whole week to practice and perfect our English as well as our performances. But nevertheless there will probably be a bit of a nervousness on that night!

Our hotel apartments are great, it’s where we recharge out batteries for what is coming up and do the British thing and sit down and have a pint after work where we discuss ideas and what can be improved. Could I get used to this life? Yes!
Will everything get together on Friday? Will Nina Dogg land in the net?
Will I remember my lines?
Will Hilmir find his inner devil?
Who knows? Who knows?

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