Just finishing off

London Day 4 (early September)

Great news from London – we’ve been well looked after at the Young Vic theatre. Right now, everybody is working hard on the stage and finishing up with the set. While this is going on, the actors are hanging backstage. The technical rehearsal will then start – that’s when all the lights and sound will be put together and also when the actors find their ways to come in and off stage. As the people who have seen the show know, we enter and exit the stage from many different places!

Today, Svava the gymnast shot out the pit as Lilith and everything went to plan.  During that, I sat nervously watching this lovely girl being shot across the stage.  Unnur has also been flown about on the trapeze, so we’re in a good place. Einar and Diddi from the stage crew are really happy with everyone who’s working here and say that they’re swapping experiences with the staff here at the Young Vic. So our boys will come back with more experience from this trip, like most of us probably will as well. So this will be a long day but without a doubt, lots of fun.

Nina Dogg (Lilith of the Faust cast)

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