Dear Diary, love the Faust cast #3

Diary of Runar Freyr Gislason who plays Valentine, Greta’s brother in Faust

Groundhog day in London
Well now I’m starting to get to know how it is to be an actor in London.

We do 7 shows a week: every evening except Sundays and twice on Saturdays. I have sometimes felt that the actors I’ve seen on stage in the West End are either tired or saving themselves and now I understand them – it’s quite tough doing the show every evening, especially as the show is so physical. We always wake up a bit stiff and we use the day to warm up and get into gear for the evening’s performance.

Here in London you walk a lot. It’s unbelievable how easy you find it to walk everywhere in a big city when you can hardly walk to the show in Iceland – what’s that all about?

We’re having great fun. It’s really nice to be in London this time of the year – a bit of an extension from the summer and it’s great getting to know the city. We’re getting visits from friends and family in Iceland – the other day I had 5 of my good friends who came to see Press Night and soon my boy who is 7 is coming to visit! That’s going to be something special! We’re going to look at the city, go to the zoo, visit some children’s museums but the highlight is going to be play father and son football in Hyde Park.

There are some people in the group who are going to buy bicycles – this will come in handy for a man like me who hates the tubes.

We live in a neighbourhood called Southwark, in South London, by London Bridge and E&C – it’s a great neighbourhood and has been developing over the recent years. It’s takes 7 minutes (exactly!) to walk to the theatre and just under an hour to walk to Covent Garden. What I like to do is walk along the South Bank and look over the river.That’s what I’m going to do now in the sun and the good weather. Plus I’m going dream about my new bicycle.

I’m sitting in my dressing room and am waiting for my entrance… Just dressed in white briefs, a tall coat and a black hat (costume!). I’m just about to be a devil that bounces around on the net. Ha ha ha ha – this is my life’s work!

The director asked me to find my inner devil where I say nothing…. it reminds me a bit of animal improvisation at theatre school but I promise to do as well as I can.

After that I will go backstage, run 3 floors and put on my white doctor’s costume to deliver 2 sentences on stage. And after that I will go back to the third floor to throw myself 4 meters into the net just to then throw myself off the net down onto the stage.

It’s probably good for me to burn off some extra weight!

Hilmir is hurt

Hilmir cut himself down to his shin bone during the show tonight…. we’d already done 30 minutes of the show and he slipped in one of the windows in the set and got a deep cut in his shin and bled quite a lot.

He managed to keep on going – he’s a total hero! He hung on until the interval where he then got first aid…when they saw the cut, there was no way the show could carry on and Hilmir had to go to hospital straight away…

The audience were told that we had to cancel the 2nd half of the show

While H was in the hospital waiting for someone to stitch him up, we sat in the theatre bar, hoping that he will be fine and that we can carry on with the show.

Fingers crossed. Heal Hilmir

Hilmir lives!
This is all going to be fine – H is going to live (as we suspected). He’s been bandaged together and hopefully everything is going to be fine. The city theatre and the Young Vic can count themselves lucky – he’s ok!

Just spoke to H and named him ‘the return of the king’ and he said he knew he’d be back, or everyone would be in a bit of a shock. Wishing him a quick recovery!

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