We’re happy to announce that the winner of the Penguin’s Spinebreakers + Young Vic The Glass Menagerie Script-Writing Competition (13 – 18 year olds) is Amber Thomas!

Congratulations Amber, see you at the Press Night of The Glass Menagerie and hope you enjoy the complimentary production programme and playtext by Tennessee Williams!

Winning Entry:


This play is set in 1960’s Liverpool. It is set in a little cottage in the middle of town.

Teddy: Belongs to Lilly and is a special toy, she is unable to sleep without it.
Banana: Toby eats which infuriates Jane.
Pram: Where Lilly sleeps for some of the time.

The Characters:
Jane: Mother to Lilly and wife to Toby. A worrier, but headstrong and firm, she knows what she wants and how to get it.
Toby: Father to Lilly and husband to Jane. Is unable to find a job and support his family. Desperatly wants to impress his father.
Lilly: Child of Toby and Jane.

Scene One

(Lights up on a kitchen where Jane stands juggling a baby on her hips looking at the clock. When she speaks it is with a Liverpudlian accent.)

Jane: Hush now darling, Daddy will be home in a minute. A minute isn’t long to wait, (Looks at child) no it’s not is it, not when poor Mummy has been good to you all day.

(Picks up a Teddy from kitchen table.)

Jane: Look sweetie, who is it? It’s… Teddy!

(Door flings open, and in strolls a flustered Toby. Shrugs off his coat and throws it on the floor. There is a pause as he looks at Jane, but then flops down in a chair.)

Jane: Well?

Toby: There is nothing going, I have tried everywhere, the docks, the factory down the road. No where is offering.

Jane: We can’t live like this Toby. I can’t live like this. I agreed to move out of me parents house when Lilly was born, but we can’t carry on like this. Do you know Toby we’ve had five more bills today, not to mention the rent, Lilly has hardly any clothes and she sleeps in her pram…

(Toby interrupts angerily.)

Toby: What is it you want from me Jane. Yes I haven’t got a job, yes we are in debt, yes Lilly hasn’t got much- but there isn’t much else I can do but try.

Jane: There is Toby. When we found out about Lilly you said you would support us. YOU said you would put a roof over me head, and it all sounded so romantic so I believed yer, and now look where we are. Lilly deserves better, Toby, I deserve better.

(Jane turns around towards a pram in the corner and gently lies Lilly down. She then turns towards Toby.)

Jane: Toby, look. The fact is this. There is a financial crisis in this country, and everyone needs jobs, including you. We can’t carry on like this. I should still be at school, learning about Shakeswear and Jane Adams and Emma Bronter… or whatever they’re called. But no, instead I am stuck with a man who can’t put two and two together and go and ask for a job from his father. No, you have to prove a point and go and beg. Toby, you are not the person you were five years ago, you have responsibilities as a father and husband, so face up to them.

Toby: Jane you know that when me parents found out about you and Lilly they cut me off. You know I told them that I would stand by you, and you know that they said they would cut me off. I chose you, Lilly and a life that I know would not be easy- so give me a break here. I will have a job soon.

(Jane stands up and puts on coat.)

Toby: Where you off to then?

Jane: If you will not ask your parents then I will. We are 16 and 17 Toby, we can hardly look after ourselves let alone Lilly, I feel embarrassed to take her into town with her clothes and her pram. If your parents say no then… well… we will have to cross that bridge when it comes to it.

(Toby grabs Jane’s hand.)

Toby: You can’t go there Jane. Please. Please.

Jane: Why?

Toby: Because… because… because Jane ever since I was little I have wanted to impress me father. He was never interested. All he liked was the booze and the girls, I came last. (Voice Trembles.) I suppose with Lilly I wanted to prove him wrong, make him proud. I know it is stupid, and it is, but I just want him to think “Me boy has done good.”

Jane (scathing): Ahhhh, touching, really. But that does not solve the problem here Toby. (Picks up a banana) The point is we are barely surviving. And I am not going to bring up Lilly like this, not knowing whether she is coming on going. She could surprise us all, and bring us into a lap of luxury, but unless you get a job. It. Will. Not. Happen. (Brandishes banana at him. Toby snatches away, peels and eats hungrily).

Jane (angry): Do yer not get it Toby? Do you not know how much a banana costs? A pound for four it does. We won’t have bananas or any type of food in this house if this carries on and then it comes down to me to scavenge for food, don’t it. Don’t you know me life is full of worries- about you, Lilly and now your job…

Toby (interrupts): I promise yer, I will nave a job by next Wednesday, cross me heart hope to die.

Jane: You better, otherwise I am taking Lilly and meself back to me mams and dads and yer won’t see her again.


Oh, and didn’t I tell yer, I am pregnant again, so yer have a lot more to lose than banana. (Walks out of the room.)

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