Zookeeper on Kafka’s Monkey

Kathy Doherty is a senior keeper at Whipsnade Zoo. Below is a snippet of her review in The Guardian on Kafka’s Monkey from the 2009 run. Click here to read the whole review.

“Kathryn Hunter[‘s] portrayal of an animal is excellent: she’s incredibly energetic and all the movement is spot on, right down to the way she uses her thumbs to manipulate objects.”

“I see a lot of people who come to the zoo just to laugh at the monkeys, at their pink bums and so on. They look on apes as second-class humans. It’s arrogance, and that’s what I took from the show. It’s not so long ago that zoos were still holding chimp “tea parties”, dressing apes up in human clothes. ”

“Not surprisingly, Red Peter ends up hating humanity. I wouldn’t say that was true of our chimps: they get on well with humans… If the chimps don’t like you, they’ll refuse to move, or they’ll throw things. You have to establish a working relationship.”

Kafka’s Monkey is back at the Young Vic from 19 May – 11 June… previews are sold out, so buy your tickets soon!

One thought on “Zookeeper on Kafka’s Monkey

  1. We hope Kathryn Hunter makes a speedy recovery and wish her all the very best. We have been huge fans of her astonishing acting since seeing her in “The lives of Lucie Cabrol” many years ago. She was extaordinary in “Fragments” and I have never seen a better Cleopatra. We were both bitterly disappointed not to see her on Saturday afternoon’s matinee of “Kafka’s Monkey,” by reputation another ground-breaking performance Unfortunetely we cannot rebook as we both travelled a long way by train (expensive) to see the show. But hope she’ll be treading the boards again soon. Thanks Young Vic for letting us know but we were already in the the bar by the time we got the message!

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