11 questions with the cast of Government Inspector: Graham O’Mara

First up in this series is Graham O’Mara who plays Mishka alongside Julian Barratt (The Mayor), Doon Mackichan (The Mayor’s Wife) and Kyle Soller (The Inspector)  in the riotous classic Government Inspector. You may recognize Graham from TV shows Sirens, The Queen, Waterloo Road, Casualty and Silent Witness!

Tell us about your character
He’s very good at getting things and making sure the Mayor and his Wife don’t beat him!

Favourite word?
Hello (when said by my 20mnth old niece)

Proudest moment?
Being asked to be godparent to my nephew

If you could have a room full of any one thing, what would it be?
£50 notes

If 28 hour days existed, what would you do with the extra four hours?
Phone more family and friends

Favourite holiday?
Camping in a field on the coast, just above a little beach cove, in Cornwall

Weirdest quirk?
Every time I go on the tube, on being faced with a choice of east or west, I have to go through all the compass points to know which one i need. I’m sorted on north and south.

Favourite play?

If you had one super power, what would it be?
Laser eyes like Supe’, fairly limited practically i guess..no need to carry a lighter..erm…obviously destroying enemies at will is a plus….erm….

Do you have any regrets?
Only the ongoing conveyor belt of many, little, everyday ones

Favourite midnight snack?
Nutella on buttered toast

Government Inspector starts on 3 June and runs until 9 July. Tickets are selling like hotcakes, so buy yours soon!

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