The last of the Leenane-ers

The final member of the cast from The Beauty Queen of Leenane that we spoke to is Johnny Ward, playing Ray Dooley – the hilariously frustrated and impatient youngster.

Johnny Ward

Johnny Ward in The Beauty Queen of Leenane

Johnny’s work on stage includes Richard III (Samuel Beckett Theatre), Les Miserables (Point Depot), The Buddhist of Castleknock (Draiocht Arts Centre) and has appeared on TV and film in The Best of Times, Fear, Man of Few Words, Custer’s Last Stand (BBC / RTE), Doll’s House and This Must be the Place.

Tell us about your character
He is a very impatient 20 yr olds who hates living in Leenane. He loves watching trashy 80s Australian soaps and going to the local discos. He is extremely bored the majority of the time and dreams one day of following in his brothers’ footsteps and move to England

Favourite word
Absolutely! But Cathal Cleary, the assistant director, has to say it

Proudest moment
When I got the part of Stephen in the film This Must be the Place knowing that I would be in a one on one scene with Sean Penn

If you could have a room full of one thing what would it be?
Chocolate Chip ice cream

If 28 hour days existed what would you do with the extra four hours?
Play the playstation for an extra 4 hours

Favourite holiday
Tunisia 2002

Weirdest quirk
I always do things in 3s. Don’t ask!

Favourite play
Richard III

If you had one superpower what would it be?
To have a remote that could make you go forward or back in time like Adam Sandler in the film Click

Do you have any regrets?
I used to be an all Ireland Judo champion and I wish I had kept doing it. But I gave it up

Favourite midnight snack
Fruit pastille ice pop

Do you like Kimberleys?
I did. But after eating 2 and sometimes 4 a day you kinda get sick of them and they give me heart burn

Do you like porridge?
Yeah, kinda

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