#40 facts: What Colourful WCs!

You may be wondering why we are posting photos of our toilets on our blog BUT these are actually works of art by renowned artists Clem Crosby, who also gave the Young Vic its distinctive yellow exterior. We absolutely love them and think they brighten every visit to the smallest room. So next time you’re in the loo, look around you – you’re actually in a gallery!

One thought on “#40 facts: What Colourful WCs!

  1. Thank you for that, Young Vic. David Lan, the Director and Steve Tompkins, the architect, asked me if I had any ideas to make the toilets interesting (!). At that late stage they looked like something out of Pentonville prison (the toilets, not David and Steve). The pieces were made by Louse Thompson at London Glassblowers in nearby Bermondsey: http://www.londonglassblowing.co.uk/
    I remember spending the whole summer (alone) chiseling out the shaped holes in the breeze blocks, a horrible, labour intensive job. They are secured with adhesive used in the airplane industry. I had the paint especially mixed to match the pigment in the glass – thank you Travis Perkins, Blackfriars Bridge Road. It was surreal working inside whilst outside they were busy hanging my paintings, for that reason i feel a deep attachment to the Young Vic.
    Clem Crosby
    October 2011

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