Getting down and dirty with the Disco Pigs

Disco Pigs

Disco Pigs

Enda Walsh’s modern classic, Disco Pigs, comes to the Young Vic from 2 – 24 September and tells the story of two teenagers, Pig and Runt, hell-bent on partying. But it’s this appetite for hedonism and their inseparable friendship that could be their downfall.

We caught up with the cast – or rather the characters on this occasion – to get an insight into the crazed world of the Disco Pigs.

Name: Runt

Favourite word?

Proudest moment?
Getting into the Palace Disco at 17.

If you could have a room full of any one thing, what would it be?
Scampi fries

If 28 hour days existed, what would you do with the extra four hours?
At Midnight Pork would stand still a bark from me and King Pig, we’d ruin riot on the silent streets robbin n’ steeling every ting in side.

Favourite holiday?
Crossheaven far far amay drum da sounds a grey Pork.  I let the sway a da Big Blue take me and the stars sparked in the Big Black above.

Weirdest quirk?
Don No

If you had one super power, what would it be?

Do you have any regrets?
Growing up slowly.

Favourite midnight snack?
A pak a Scamp

What were you doing at 17?
Waking up to Cork.

Runt will be played by Charlie Murphy.

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