Getting involved in Wild Swans

Wild Swans in rehearsal

It was by pure chance that I came across the casting call for the community chorus for Wild Swans. I happened to be in Chinatown one afternoon to do a bit of grocery shopping with my friend and if I hadn’t dropped by a snack store out of curiosity and bought something, I wouldn’t have seen the flyers sitting by the counter, calling out to be picked up and looked at. I took up the opportunity to experience what being part of a professional production would be like, being a bit of a theatre enthusiast myself; I’d never seen a real team at work, and to perform at the Young Vic, even if part of a chorus, seemed like something that would never otherwise have appeared possible. Wild Swans presents the dramatic political history of China on an English stage and is definitely something that is fresh, exciting, and unconventional. The behind-the-scenes experience I have had so far has been amazing, and even though it’s only been two weeks so far, my understanding of how professional theatre works has already grown exponentially. I cannot wait for the entire production to come together and for the audience to experience its power.

Ian, a community chorus member of Wild Swans

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