My eco-tips…

ImageDid you know? After Miss Julie  is our first Classics for a New Climate show. By using more eco-friendly lighting, sourcing recycled props and costumes, implementing paperless ticketing and much more, we’ve reduced the amount of energy taken from the National Grid by 60%.

We’ve asked the cast to share what eco-habits they’ve changed since working on After Miss Julie. Here are their answers…

Kieran Bew (John)
I turn lights off when I leave rooms now, before the production I often left a room well lit.

Natalie Dormer (Julie)
Inspired by my director and the lovely Miss Frame, I bought a bike in the third week of rehearsals. Haven’t had one in a few years and seeing as I sold my car last year, hopefully it will encourage me to make those shorter journeys on two wheels.

Polly Frame (Christine)
I now pay particular attention to not re-boiling the kettle if it was boiled 5 mins ago by someone else!

After Miss Julie starts next week. Shows are sold out until 31 March, but we’ve added an extra week of performances… book now!

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