New artwork on the front of our building

If you’ve visited the Young Vic, you will probably have seen the Clem Crosby’s artwork on the front of the building called 180 Monochrome Paintings (affectionately known by cabbies as ‘The Cheese Grater’).

Here it is at night time lit up!

Well, seven of the panels from the front of the Young Vic have been shipped to Venice! They are on loan for a Haworth Tompkins / Young Vic installation for the Venice Biennale.

The exhibition in Venice focuses on The Cut and is a large installation containing the Young Vic facade panels, lightbox images, talking heads interviews in a soundscape – to create a fragment of life on The Cut.

In the mean time, however we’ve got a lovely temporary artwork to replace them by the visual artist Jake Tilson, which is a photograph of a wall of ‘The Corderie’ in Venice, where the artworks will be on display with a slogan saying ‘ON LOAN TO THE VENICE BIENNALE’.

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