The Changeling… behind the scenes

We dropped into The Changeling rehearsals – here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes.

Grab a ticket for The Changeling – now extended until 22 December.

Photos by Keith Pattison.

4 thoughts on “The Changeling… behind the scenes

  1. Saw Changeling tonight and it was quite interesting although death by chocolate mousse was rather silly and chic lit (you’ve read the menu, now see the play – frightening for diabetics perhaps?). Unpleasant seats under a wooden balcony where last speach was drowned out by a sound effect so not sure what the final point was. But by that time didnt really care as it had been 2 1/2 hrs without an interval. Pleased to be home.

  2. Not really a play within a play – more two separate plays. Perhaps that’s how they used to do it but not really to my taste as, apart from the cast nearly all playing a role in each, I couldn’t see any connection between the two. Also, like Dan (above), I didn’t care for the scene with the food being thrown about.
    Having said all that I did enjoy the show and was impressed by the enthusiasm of the cast and the quality of the acting.

  3. I saw the CHANGLING on Wed 12th Dec evening when it was captioned. This was brilliant for me for I am deaf. The performance set on a ship in modern, rather than Middleton, times was ideal and the acting, directing, set and lights and other tech effects, etc., were excellent. I just wish I was told there was no interval at the time of booking rather than less than a minute before it started! (All the excitement that followed…!).

  4. Thank you. I found the production thrilling and thought-provoking. For me, the use of food provided a disturbingly comic visual metaphor for the characters’ strange appetites for sexual violence and death. The production was ingenious in yoking together the two rather disparate plot lines by making virtually everyone a madhouse changeling (and congratulations to the cast on their energetic doublings).

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