Feast parallel production auditions

Auditions for the Feast parallel production at the Young Vic took place last weekend and almost 150 turned up to take part. Amelia Sears, our esteemed director, led groups of young people and adults in a task-based process which saw them producing short improvised scenes using sounds, movement and the odd umbrella. Imagination and bravery were not in short supply and we were treated to tribal dancing and a Cockney knees up, several boat journeys, a multitude of tube carriages, and one birth. (Thankfully, it seemed both short and pain free!).

With participants ranging from 14 to 70, covering the diversity of ethnicities and backgrounds to be found in Lambeth and Southwark, the groups were as different as they were energetic, as serious as they were joyful. In fact, joy was the over-riding feeling in the busy rehearsal room, as heart-wrenching stories of escape and rejection turned into solace and acceptance. It was an absolute privilege to see the briefest sliver of everyone’s lives, creating the uneven jigsaw puzzle of London that we now have the task of re-arranging in rehearsals. We really were blown away by all of the people who auditioned for us, but sadly we could not take them all. Our final cast, now painfully whittled down to 24, are all superb and our first evening sessions are this week. We can’t wait to get started.

To learn more about our Taking Part department’s parallel productions, click here.

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