Schools’ Theatre Festival

We’re into the fourth of the Schools’ Theatre Festival this week: over 80 young people from four schools in Lambeth and Southwark are working with a professional creative team developing These Moments, a collection of micro-plays which will be shaped into an epic mosaic. Natalie and Stewart, our great director/writer team, have delivered three weeks of research and development in the schools, taking the students on journeys through their lives as story-scavengers, looking for excitement in the familiar, strangeness in the everyday, new things in the old.

The students are beginning to discover a new world containing a mysterious stranger who watches from afar, the politics of friends, dark secrets behind closed doors, and unexpected encounters with celebrities on on the Old Kent Road. This week they will start to move this world onto paper, developing characters, conversations and finding their ‘moments’.

It’s a huge project for the young people, most who are just 13 years old, to get their heads around. One girl asked last week ‘when are we getting the script?’, only to be reminded that they’re in the process of writing it! There is also huge diversity amongst the company in culture, personal experience, language and interests and it will be a real challenge to make sure that each student’s experience is woven into the final piece. Every week Stewart and Natalie bring the student’s workbooks back to the Young Vic and uncover gems that have been written or drawn by a young person who hadn’t spoken much in the session, which they type up for possible inclusion in the final script.

To learn more about our Taking Part department or to get involved, visit

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