The wonderful world of Taking Part

TPplacementLaura Barmes is a Drama Applied Theatre and Education placement student from Central School of Speech and Drama.  She is undertaking a 3 month placement with our Taking Part department – here’s what she had to say!




The fact that ‘reality’ is fast approaching is quite the hot topic among 3rd year university students. We seem to speak of it as if it is some sort of ulterior realm-a world where life as we know it will come to an end and any sort of fun or holidays will be handed in, in exchange for long hours and a packet load of responsibilities.

Some of us get the opportunity to get a ‘taster session’ of this fast approaching reality by doing a placement term. I was extremely lucky to be placed in the Taking Part department at The Young Vic. I can safely say, after eight weeks of being there, that the Taking Part office is a wonderful world indeed. It is filled daily with 5 enthusiastic staff members who are clearly extremely dedicated to what they do. In my time there, I have had the opportunity to see first hand, by going into schools and assisting with workshops, the impact of some of their projects.

There is always a lovely atmosphere in the office. People discuss their individual projects, advice is given and taken happily and freely, making it a great place to share ideas and to collaborate on work. There is something very special about getting a first hand view of passionate people considering an idea, discussing it, sharing it and then using their resources to put it into practice and make it happen. I have felt very privileged to have been part of that process over the past 8 weeks. Time was always devoted to ensuring that I had interesting work to do as well as clear instructions.

Although I realize that this is a pretty special place, and that not all offices are equipped with such a happy atmosphere and smiles, I feel that they have provided me with some good skills to embrace the transition from university to the real world, that is so close now.

That ‘reality’ hot topic is a little less daunting now.

To learn more about Taking Part, please visit

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