The Twitter reviews are in – What you thought of Going Dark!

Going Dark - Image 3

So we’ve heard what the critics had to say about Going Dark... But after an overwhelming amount of ( wonderful) responses from you all on Twitter – we thought we’d post your Twitter reviews too!

Oh and a handful of tickets are available for Going Dark (don’t believe the ‘it’s sold out’ rumours!). You can book online or on 020 7922 2922.

Go go go people – final week is approaching!

“Going Dark at @youngvictheatre was a fantastic and truly immersive piece of science/theatre. Highly recommended!” @lorencphransis

“Going Dark is easily the most phenomenal piece of straight theatre I’ve ever seen.. “@Tash2897
“Going Dark @youngvic theatre is a heartbreaking exploration of love, astronomy and mortality. Great companion piece to Constellations.” ‏@lizhoggard 

“‘Going Dark‘ at @youngvictheatre today was fantastic. I’ve missed London theatre, and I’ve been stargazing all evening” @Joclairecheek

“Stunned and moved by Going Dark @youngvictheatre. Looks beautiful, sounds beautiful and electric with wonder. One of the year’s best.” @PeterGraystone
“Going Dark @youngvictheatre Magical, mind-bending, moving. Sound & Fury are seriously interesting theatre makers”@baronessledwich
“Go see Going Dark at The Young Vic if you can. Beautiful, sad, thrilling, scary, awful, uplifting. Just go.” @lizawostmann
“Loved #GoingDark, a sensory treat, an astronomy lesson, and a really good human story, all in one, everyone should go.”@rmkf
“‘Going Dark’ by Sound&Fury @FuelTheatre @youngvictheatre should be on every school syllabus. Visceral, educational theatre for all.” @MDJessup
“Going Dark @youngvictheatre is both mind-twisty & moving. A big bang recommend. Will make you look up at the stars & listen to the rain.” ‏@aligardiner 

“#GoingDark at @youngvictheatre last night – beautiful and brilliant.” ‏@LocalGirlProds

“Thought provoking evening @youngvictheatre watching #goingdark how did we become what we are? And is what we see really what we see?” ‏@TomObrien84

Highly recommend #GoingDark by @FuelTheatre @youngvictheatre. Immersive and a treat for the senses with a heartbreaking central performance.” ‏@tomcunderwood

“I knew it would be good, I knew it! #GoingDark @youngvictheatre was fantastic when I went last night. Get there if you can.” ‏@BenedictWaring

“#GoingDark @youngvictheatre essays sensory deprivation in a delicate, moving way but still you gasp at the enormity of, well, everything…” @JerwoodSpace

“#GoingDark at the @youngvictheatre is absolutely amazing. Such a simple concept done beautifully, very moving. Something special.” @MarieMJS

“I’m off to see #GoingDark @youngvictheatre saw it earlier in the year but looking forward to a second dose, a very moving and exciting piece.” ‏@Earthquakes2013

“Astonishingly good science-meets-theatre @youngvictheatre last night. Please go and see #GoingDark” @BuffyPrice

“Beautiful, sensitive, heartbreaking play #GoingDark @theyoungviclast night. Stunning set.” ‏@LaneConsulting

“How far can you see? Beautiful, intriguing and beguiling show@youngvictheatre #GoingDark by @SoundnFuryMark @FuelTheatre#GoSee” @greg0ryt

” #goingdark @youngvictheatre absolutely stunning GO SEE!” @Emma_F_Lawson

“Oh wow #GoingDark @youngvictheatre, so sensitive, thought provoking and beautiful, astronomy in relation to life” ‏@issyvb

“Captivating and heartbreaking – #GoingDark @youngvictheatre” @lepassepartout

“Outstanding Sound & Fury show at @youngvictheatre “Going Dark”. Conception brilliant; execution better. #GoingDark” @EoghanLondon

“Beautiful and touching performance #goingdark @youngvictheatre” @SaranethBell

“Starry night w/ #goingdark @fueltheatre @youngvictheatre immersed in glistening visuals, soundscape, script + starlight #gorgeous til 22 Dec” ‏@Beki_Bateson

“Subtle, intelligent, heartbreaking gorgeousness #GoingDark@FuelTheatre @youngvictheatre ’til 22 Dec … #stardust”

“Just wow. #GoingDark @youngvictheatre @FuelTheatre” @katysnelling

“Really enjoyed #GoingDark @youngvictheatre last night. Unlike anything I’ve seen before, very moving. Plus you learn lots about astronomy.” ‏@Annamckie

“#GoingDark @YoungVicTheatre is inventive, reflective, moving. Light and dark at once. Go if you can get one of the few tickets left.” ‏@CultureFactor

“And in a groundbreaking initiative @fueltheatre is #captioning#GoingDark @youngvictheatre on 15th Dec so sensory deprived don’t miss out” ‏@JerwoodSpace

“Just so you know Going Dark is really good. Don’t mean to be biased but it is. #goingdark #youngvic” @YVTeaBitch

“Off to the @youngvictheatre to see #GoingDark. So great that they brought back the production, previous run was sold out :D” ‏@MarieMJS

You heard them – don’t miss it!
Keep your reviews coming in, we’ll keep posting them here and on our website.

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