Feast video projection

Anthony Newton is Production Manager for the Young Vic

In January the Young Vic opens Feast, a new production which will feature video design by Lysander Ashton of 59 Productions.  59 are the production company behind the video content which featured in the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony and theatre productions such as War Horse and Dr Dee.  In advance of this the lighting team from the Young Vic’s production department have been taking part in some video software training.  Jonathan Lyle from 59 has been in with a whole bunch of technical equipment teaching us about synchronising the control of lighting and video.

With kit kindly lent by Stage Sound Services and ETC we have been working through projects including setting up and overlapping multiple projectors, running cue sequences of video content and animation and linking it all into the playback of our lighting desk.  The team have been taught features of the software and had a chance to try it out with their own mini-productions by using bits of footage from 59’s back catalogue and projecting content onto set model boxes.  Once we get into technical rehearsals for Feast the training will really be put to the test but thanks to everyone involved in the sessions this week it should be great.


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