Two Boroughs Christmas Party

TPxmaspartyI absolutely, unashamedly and completely love Christmas. In a mince-pies-for-a-month, brew up the mulled wine, have some family feasting kind of way. It’s cold, the government is chasing us with giant scissors to cut cut cut and we could all do with some cheer. So Christmas seemed the perfect excuse to throw a festive party for some of our local community groups. I could not have asked for better Christmas company. We had women and their children from a local refuge, single parents and low income families, with small people from shuffling-along-the-floor age to leaning-against-a-wall-looking-cool age. And with the amount of mince pies and mulled wine we had available, everyone was smiling!

The only thing that would stop me smiling at Christmas is that I’m too old to believe in Santa. Luckily many of the children present did not suffer from this affliction and seeing them hanging on his coat tails, playing games with him and telling him their secrets was delightful. Two Boroughs stalwarts, Bill and Diona played piano and sang carols and little faces were adorned with all manner of painted Christmassy motifs. I think it’s safe to say a good time was had by all…

Lily Einhorn is Two Boroughs Projects Manager at the Young Vic

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