Feast Party!


Is the tail end of winter getting you down?  Are you in need of some warming food, a cocktail or two and the chance to kick off the post-Christmas blues? How about tapping your feet to some great music? Watching thrilling performances? Making some new friends and celebrating with old ones? Join the Taking Part team and our community cast to celebrate a dazzling project  on Sunday the 24th February. Come together for our Feast Party – an afternoon of feasting and celebration which will draw influence from Yoruban culture across Nigeria, Cuba, Brazil, the UK and the USA.

We’ll be getting a little taste of Yoruba with slices of the parallel production of Feast, delicious Nigerian food, fantastic drumming and dancing, and stalls selling art, crafts and jewellery.

So whether it’s a glass of fruit punch, some jollof rice or some bata drumming you’re looking for – come, enjoy, Feast!

Feast Party, Sunday 24th February 2013, 3pm – 7pm

Please RSVP or contact us for further information:

Tel: 020 7922 2859

One thought on “Feast Party!

  1. So glad you are putting on this production. With the forthcoming World Cup and Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, everyone will be talking about Candomble, the Latin-Yoruba religion. It’s bound to get featured on TV and indeed made a short BBC news item at New Year, when the people of Rio made offerings to the ocean goddess Yemaya on the beach. I first came across Santeria, (the Cuban version) back in 1999 and everyone thinks I’m mad talking about “sons of Elegua”, etc, but I know they’re out there!
    – Julia (daughter of Oshumare – rainbow Orisha)

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