Two Endless Minutes: School’s Theatre Festival


Last month we held our annual School’s Theatre Festival, putting together a final production in our studio with four different school groups. We thought we’d share this note from the director with you!

Two Endless Minutes – School’s Theatre Festival
Director’s Note

Two boroughs, four schools, 94 young collaborators, nine sessions, 23 scenes, one play, Two Endless Minutes.

 Two Endless Minutes is the product of collaboration between myself, playwright Stewart Melton and a company of 94 young theatre-makers from four different schools across two boroughs.

Over nine sessions, we’ve led our open and playful young collaborators from the initial ideas through to writing their mini plays using a series of tasks, challenges, missions and adventures reflecting the stages of professional theatre making.

They’ve boldly brainstormed the possibilities for – and the particular quality of – two minutes, assumed roles as Creative Cartographers mapping familiar places and unknown territory and become Story Scavengers in a search of the extraordinary in the ordinary, around their school. The scenes, the characters, the voices, the places and the questions of Two Endless Minutes were all borne out of this process, out of their mouths and out of their imaginations, brought together into one play by the sensitive writing and dramaturgy of Stewart Melton.

Each of the four schools has worked independently from – but in empathy with – each other. Separately, they’ve researched, developed and written their plays before swapping scripts and rehearsing each other’s work. Our full company met for the first time the week before performing on the Maria stage at the Young Vic.


The young people led the process and the play; they are the experts of their world. In Two Endless Minutes, they guide you around the school landscape, their lives and their hopes and fears.

Natalie Ibu (Director of Two Endless Minutes)

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