A Taking Part knees-up!

TP Feast party


We like a good knees-up in Taking Part. Who doesn’t? So what better way to celebrate the end of a project than with a party! The Taking Part department have spent the last four months working on a Parallel production to run alongside the main house production of Feast. Where Feast took as its inspiration Yoruba and the diaspora of Nigerian people, we inverted the idea, looking at our cast of local Lambeth and Southwark people and asking how we all ended up in the area.  Essentially – who are we are where have we come from? The outcome was a beautiful salad bowl of people, all mixed up in the same two boroughs, different but together. The resulting show, Flashes, was devised and written from the weird, wild and wonderful stories that the participants brought to the room. Threads were woven together in a giant tapestry of movement, colour and story as we were treated to a show in which young people and elder people and everyone in between from a diversity of backgrounds acted together on stage.

And so to our knees up. To celebrate the show, to celebrate our local community, to welcome our friends and neighbours to the theatre, we threw open our doors on a Sunday, got in stall holders and Nigerian food, made some drinks, and booked some bands. The fantastic Cosmic Child played as we ate, drank and talked, and then Drumtastic put on a foot-stomping show on the set of Flashes. As the band played and people jumped up to dance and clap, we looked around us, at the people of different ages, from different community groups, all listening and laughing together. They are our community, and we love ‘em!

Lily Einhorn is our Two Boroughs Projects Managers.



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