4 stars for My Perfect Mind, “an exquisite piece of tomfoolery” – UPDATED

Photo by Manuel Harlan

Photo by Manuel Harlan

UPDATED: After another pair of 4 star reviews, from Time Out and The Independent, we have added a second extension week for My Perfect Mind! Book now for the show Matt Trueman calls “the best show in London by far.”

4 stars across the board for My Perfect Mind!  Check out some of the rave reviews and audience tweets below.

“Like watching a masterclass on King Lear under the influence of LSD… the Young Vic is on a roll’’
The Daily Telegraph – read the full review here

“Infected by gleeful madness”
The Guardian – read the full review here

“Charming, very funny and occasionally bizarre”
Evening Standard – read the full review here

“Petherbridge’s gift for dry self-parody and Paul Hunter’s quirky company Told by an Idiot become wilder and funnier”
The Times

liz hoggard ‏@lizhoggard
My Perfect Mind @youngvictheatre, wonderful, anarchic take on playing King Lear. Edward Petherbridge most elegant man on London stage

Mark Shenton ‏@ShentonStage
Just back from opening of MY PERFECT MIND @YoungVicTheatre, a layered, playful & poignant story of Edward Petherbridge’s stroke & recovery.

Ian DG Nicholson ‏@idgnicholson
@toldbyanidiot93 production of #myperfectmind is brilliant. Touching, theatrical and very,very funny, “if it ain’t broke, break it”.

Caroline Goyder ‏@CarolineGoyder
#myperfectmind is a joy and a delight. Loved its humour, its wild swoops across time and space and its wisdom about life and Lear @youngvic

Jesse Briton ‏@youbigjesse
Do anything to see #MyPerfectMind by @toldbyanidiot93 @youngvictheatre utterly, utterly brilliant. Touching, funny, and life-affirming.

My Perfect Mind has been extended until 27 April.  Tickets are available at youngvic.org.

One thought on “4 stars for My Perfect Mind, “an exquisite piece of tomfoolery” – UPDATED

  1. I hated it, fell asleep, would have walked but I was wedged in at end of long line of stage school luvies, who all screeched with laughter at what must have been private jokes. Not accessible to a lowly non luvie, yet theatre loving pleb. I just didnt get it.

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