11 Questions with the cast of Public Enemy – Niall Ashdown

Niall Ashdown

Have you worked on Ibsen before?

What is your favourite play (seen, read or worked on)?
Accidental Death of an Anarchist.

What is your favourite midnight snack?
Low quality chocolate – probably stuff I was saving for my children.

What is your favourite word?
Flail – it’s just an L-plate away from ‘fail’.

What are you most passionate about?
Football, birdwatching, family. If only I could combine all three.

If days were 28 hours long, what would you do with the 4 extra hours?

If you could be in a room full of any one thing, what would it be?

Favourite holiday you’ve ever been on?

Dogs or cats?
Neither. I keep walking the contents of one through my house, and chasing the other away from the birds in my garden.

If you could have any one supernatural power, which would you choose and why?

Niall Ashdown plays Aslaksen in Ibsen’s Public Enemy, which starts at the Young Vic from 4 May. 

He returns to the Young Vic, following his performance in Annie Get Your Gun.
Other theatre includes: Comedy Store Players (Comedy Store); Impropera (Kings Place); Accidental Death of an Anarchist (Bolton Octagon); Lifegame (improbable); Hungarian Bird Festival (UK tour).
Television includes: Whose Line Is It Anyway, Outnumbered, Parents, Angel Cake.
Radio includes: The Long Count, Occupied, Losers, Hungarian Birdsong, Tunnel Vision, The Treatment.

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