Give A Body Back

Last night’s performance of Trash Cuisine was followed by a Q&A by three incredibly brave women who came from Belarus at great personal risk to talk to us.

Irina Bogdanova, the founder Free Belarus Now and the sister of opposition leader Andrei Sannikov, who was imprisoned for 16 months and tortured for peacefully protesting against the regime. Liubou Kavaliova, the mother of Vladislav Kovalyov who was executed in March 2012 for a crime he did not commit. In spite of her tireless campaigning, his body has never been returned to her. Nastassia Dashkevich, the fiancée of activist Dzmitry Dashkevich leader of the youth opposition movement who is currently serving a two-year prison sentence in a maximum security jail for alleged hooliganism.

Their visit timed with the staging of three peaceful protests in London to raise awareness of the human rights violations in Belarus, shedding light on the hundreds of people who have “disappeared” or been executed. Bodies of those executed are not returned to families.  Cases of political kidnapping and murder are not investigated, and today there are 14 political prisoners in Belarusian jails, and dozens who are not rehabilitated. If you’d like to know more about the campaign visit:

Here are photos of the protest in Parliament Square by the brilliant Simon Annand:

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Trash Cuisine is on at the Young Vic until 15 June. Limited tickets available via our website.

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