Quite a few people have asked us why we’re making the staffing changes we’re making, so we’d like to explain:

The most important moment in this theatre is the moment when the shows we have made meet the audiences we have encouraged to see them. Our relationships with our audience, our creative teams and all the people who work here, at every level, are the most important and powerful resource we have.

We are keen to improve the way we bring our audience and our shows together. For some years we have offered mainly casual work to our FOH teams – box office, duty managers and ushers. Now we have created four new full time, permanent positions which combine box office and duty management. We are also creating a core team of ushers to work alongside the casual staff.

As we move forward and develop these new teams, they will have a strong understanding of what we as producers are trying to achieve – and we’ll understand better how we can support them. This should create the best experience for everyone.

We’re in the process of trying to achieve these changes and are working closely with each person affected. If anyone has concerns we are, as we always have been, extremely keen to talk to them.

David Lan and Lucy Woollatt

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