“To say my experience has been incredible is actually a bit of an understatement.” – Brigitte Adela talks about Backstage Pass at the Young Vic

brigitte backstage pass photo

My experience of Backstage Pass at the Young Vic has been incredible! I have met so many inspiring people over the last two weeks and learnt so much from them. I signed up after being at a Careers Day in September that was organised by the Young Vic’s Taking Part team. After talking to them and explaining what my goals are, they recommended the Backstage Pass, and it sounded like a great opportunity to learn more about what goes on backstage.

I’m a Drama Graduate and for most of my degree I was either on stage acting or directing, so my technical knowledge was fairly basic. Since one of my goals is to create a theatre company, I wanted a greater understanding of how the different areas backstage work, which in turn would enable me to better articulate my design ideas, as well as find ways to create them.

Throughout my time at the Young Vic, I have learnt an array of techniques in various difference areas. A few examples are; building a canvas, rigging lights, programming a lighting desk, setting up a sound desk, painting wood to make it look like concrete flooring (painting wood to look like almost anything!), even how to tie a bowline knot. In addition, we also spoke to the Production Manager and Stage Manager about their processes. It was really fantastic to interact with people working in these areas, discovering how they got to where they are, how they work and seeing their passion for their craft.

One other area I have learnt about these past two weeks is the Taking Part Team. They have been so supportive and welcoming and just amazing to work with! From coming in to see what we had designed in our costume session, helping us set up our mini show, whatever it was, they always showed a genuine interest in what we had been creating. It was brilliant to talk to one of them about why I chose specific fabrics for my teapot design and seeing them just as excited about it as I was.

I have had such a lovely time on the Backstage Pass! I’ve met some amazing people and become much more confident in my aspirations. These past two weeks has given me the opportunity to feed my passion for making theatre, and allowed me to try out different ways I can be involved within that process. Before this week, I never once thought of Production Management being a possibility for me but my small journey here has changed that completely.

For me to say that my experience has been incredible is actually a bit of an understatement.

Brigitte Adela

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