11 Questions with the cast of Happy Days – David Beames

HAPPY DAYS by Beckett,Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days opens at the Young Vic next week and David Beames will play Willie alongside Juliet Stevenson as his wife, Winnie. David took some time out from rehearsals to answer our 11 Questions…

Can you describe your character in Happy Days in three words?
Depressive, coarse, sad.

What are you usually doing 10 minutes before the show begins?
Sitting quietly.

What is your favourite play (seen, read or worked on)?
Death of a Salesman – played Happy years ago.

What is your favourite midnight snack?
I never eat late.

If days were 28 hours long, what would you do with the 4 extra hours?
Spend them with my/our four sons

If you could be in a room full of any one thing, what would it be?Organic natural yoghurt.

Favourite holiday you’ve ever been on?
With family in Cornwall near Surfing Beach.

Favourite city and why?
London, all life is here.

Dogs or cats?
The family whippet Sylvie, she’s beautiful. 

What is your favourite song? 
I’ll See You in My Dreams Joe Brown, Concert for George.

If you could have any one supernatural power which would you choose and why?
To contact Samuel Beckett on the Other Side and read his mind.

Happy Days returns to the Young Vic on 13 Feb 2015. Call 020 7922 2922 or click here to book now.

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