Behind the scenes of the Red Forest photo shoot

Eight months ago, Belarus Free Theatre were in the early stages of developing their much anticipated new show, Red Forest, which is set to open at the Young Vic next week.

All those months ago, on a rainy October afternoon, we gathered our photographer Bronwen Sharp, members of BFT and our model for the day, Red Forest company member Michal Empdjd, and began shooting the image that would represent the show.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Red Forest tells the true stories of people across the world who have been affected by man-made destruction and natural disasters, and we were keen to merge man and nature in the shot. The lovely Michal spent almost the entire day submerged in water (first in a bath, then a paddling pool!) until we were finally all agreed we had the shot we needed. Here are some behind the scenes snaps as well as a couple of the photographer’s beautiful pictures that just missed out on making it as the final image…

Photos by Bronwen Sharp

Photos by Bronwen Sharp

To see our final choice for the show image, the trailer for the production or to book tickets for Red Forest,  click here.

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