11 Questions with the cast of A Streetcar Named Desire – Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson as Blanche DuBois. Photo by Johan Persson.

Gillian Anderson as Blanche DuBois. Photo by Johan Persson.

Gillian Anderson can be seen on stage at the Young Vic as Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire, here are her answers to our 11 Questions…

Can you describe your character in A Streetcar Named Desire?
Vain, passionate, fantasist.

What are you usually doing 10 minutes before the show begins?
Going over lines in monologues, specifically.

What is your favourite play (seen, read or worked on)?
A Streetcar Named Desire.

What is your favourite midnight snack?
Chocolate covered rice cakes.

What is your favourite word?

What are you most passionate about?
My kids and art in all its forms.

If you could be in a room full of any one thing, what would it be?

If you could have been born in any era, which would it be and why?
1910 – to witness all the revolutions and still be young enough to be a cool cat in the 1960s.

Favourite city?

What’s your favourite song?
Creep by Radiohead / The Rolling Stones You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

If you could have a supernatural power which would you choose?
Teleportation – to go backwards anywhere in time.

A Streetcar Named Desire is on at the Young Vic until 19 September and tickets are now sold out, but you can still see the show by trying your luck and coming along to the day seat lottery, click here for more info.

A Streetcar Named Desire will also be broadcast live around the world by NT Live on 16 September. To find your nearest cinema and book tickets, visit ntlive.com

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