The Brolly Project – a YV Taking Part production


Jane in The Brolly Project. Photo by Helen Murray.

Like all Taking Part projects at the Young Vic, The Brolly Project was created as a response to a main house production, in this case the upcoming Measure for Measure, wherein themes of sex, morality, and judgment loom large.

We worked closely with various outreach projects throughout London to find a company of performers whom have, or do work in the sex industry. The aim was to make an original performance created by the company, formed by whatever they chose to share. Sex workers are one of the most marginalized groups in the world. The industry is multi-faceted, often invisible, yet shrouded in controversy. Everyone, it seems, has an opinion on it. We have been fortunate enough to work with an awesome group of performers who have shared their own deeply personal histories. By no means definitive, what they have created is a kaleidoscope of experiences; some touching, some tough, some hilarious. They are writers, and teachers, musicians, cleaners, parents, they work in IT, in public services – and they’ve worked closely over the last few months to build an ensemble here at the Young Vic. They have been searingly honest about their lives. They are a wonderful force to have in the building.

Words by Mimi Poskitt & Molly Taylor

Elizabeth and Ricardo in The Brolly Project. Photo by Helen Murray.

Elizabeth and Ricardo in The Brolly Project. Photo by Helen Murray.

The Day the Madness Will Stop

As I stand in front of the mirror
Looking at myself
With my heart beating fast
But not caring about my health
I smile, try to laugh and comb my hair
Trying to think why is this life not fair
I take a drink and lay down on my back
Open wide he says
My heart beats faster
But I don’t get a heart attack
He leaves and now I’m in the money
My phone rings, the dealer says
Do you want to see me?
I’m high and I have no worries
Until the next man comes
I’m pimping myself for a rock
It’s daylight and I want to stop
My body feels weak
But I need more non-stop
Drink makes me feel nice
But loneliness is always on my side
So I close my eyes and smile like I’m happy
Surrounded by people who say they love me
Years go past and I’m on my back or my ass
But I know I’m not going anywhere fast
One day it will change cos the pain is the game
And it will stop when I say enough is enough
Of this mad pop
And that is the day
The madness will stop

Toni was unable to perform in the show and this is her contribution.

Find out more about Taking Part on our website and in this interview in The Stage with Imogen Brodie, Director of Taking Part.

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