Thanks for all your support | A note from our Executive Director


Thanks to funding from Arts Council England, we are able to produce an ambitious programme in all of our three spaces, alongside our extensive neighbourhood-wide participation programme and our directors programme which is recognised as the most extensive in the country.

Public investment, record box office receipts (including from commercial transfers) and a high level of philanthropic giving enable us to keep our ticket prices low and to offer over half of our tickets for under £20, as well as 10% of our seats free to targeted audiences. Our sustained long term growth has only been possible because of sustained public investment, allowing the strategic risk taking that produces artistic and commercial success.

Last year we welcomed over 11,000 of our neighbours, young and old, to work with professionals on projects such as our Parallel Productions (non-professional versions of our shows), our Special Education Needs Festival and The Brolly Project which was created and performed by sex workers in response to our production of Measure For Measure.

Lucy Woollatt
Executive Director

From more about the Young Vic and how you can get involved,

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