11 Questions with the cast of Measure for Measure – Natalie Simpson

Natalie Simpson (Julietta) and Zubin Varla (The Duke) in Measure for Measure at the Young Vic. Photo by Keith Pattison

Natalie Simpson in Measure for Measure at the Young Vic. Photo by Keith Pattison.

Natalie Simpson is currently playing Julietta in Measure for Measure at the Young Vic. Here are her answers to our 11 Questions…

Can you describe your character in in three words?
Feisty, independent and unforgiving.

What are you usually doing 10 minutes before the show begins?
Having a wee.

What is your favourite play (seen, read or worked on)?
A Day in the Death of Joe Egg  by Peter Nichols.

What is your favourite midnight snack?
Almond butter and dates.

What is your favourite word?

If days were 28 hours long, what would you do with the 4 extra hours?
Read more and learn more skills (salsa, ballet).

If you could be in a room full of any one thing, what would it be?
Chicken wings.

Favourite city and why?
Bordeaux – first time I worked abroad!

What is your favourite song?
House of Cards by Radiohead.

If you could have been born in any era, which would it be and why?
Due to not wanting to be a slave, i’d say now…

If you could have any one supernatural power which would you choose and why?
Teleportation – I hate travelling from A to B, but I love visiting new places!

Measure for Measure runs at the YV until 14 Nov. Book tickets and find out more on our website.

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