Stay Another Song | Taking Part Schools Production

Each year Young Vic Taking Part produces a schools production in response to a theme or topic taken from a show. This May saw Stay Another Song take place in the Maria theatre with director, Elayce Ismail guiding teenagers from St Martin-in-the-Fields High School for Girls and the London Nautical School in a production inspired by If You Kiss Me Kiss Me.

YV TP Stay Another Song - ©HelenMurray-509

The cast of Stay Another Song. Photo by Helen Murray.

The cast of 31 used both music and dance to tell stories which came from both the cast and their parents’ answers to the question, ‘What does music mean to you?’.

The cast developed material for the show over four months, exploring their favourite musical memories; how music is a soundtrack to their daily lives; ways in which music informs their identities; and how they relate to their parents through music.

Playing with text, song and dance, the cast created the production through a series of improvisations and devising exercises. The wide variety of songs featured in Stay Another Song reflects the range of their musical tastes and experiences.

Find out more about Taking Part’s work with schools and colleges or follow them on Twitter to keep up with all their latest projects and productions.

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