Parallel Yerma | In rehearsals with the cast

The Taking Part team at the Young Vic hold workshops, events or productions in response to many of our shows and their themes throughout the year. Taking Part’s parallel productions are led by professional creative teams and the cast is made up of people from our local boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark.

Led by director Cat Shoobridge, Parallel Yerma is bringing the translation of Federico Garcia Lorca’s original Yerma to life with a cast of 13 young women aged 14-19.

“Throughout the process we have been exploring the ingredients Lorca used in making his own theatre; notably live music, singing and chorus”, Cat explained. “Our production aims to articulate the timeless significance of this story, whilst putting the female voice and experience at it’s heart.”

The Maria studio has been transformed by our production team, with design by Jemima Robinson. Over three shows on 19-20 Sept, the cast of young women will take to the stage, reproducing Lorca’s classic just meters away from a very different, modern adaptation.


The Parallel Yerma set, designed by Jemima Robinson.

To find out more about the work of our Taking Part department, head to

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