TBT on our favourite Hunter | Six things you might know already about Kathryn Hunter but are still pretty interesting

Kathryn Hunter is back performing in another fantastic collaboration with Walter Meierjohann, and Colin Teevan; The Emperor. Joined by Temesgen Zeleke, Kathryn Hunter will be on stage at the Young Vic 3 – 24 September. Kathryn has been praised as “an astonishing shape-shifting performer who can play just about  anything”so we thought we’d match that and offer you six astonishing facts about her that you may already know, but even if you do you’ll enjoy being reminded and the emojis anyway…

Kathryn Hunter in rehearsal for The Emperor ©  Sarah Leech, HOME Manchester-1

Kathryn Hunter in rehearsal for The Emperor. Photo by Sarah Leech

💁 Kathryn played the Dursley’s neighbour Mrs Areballa Figg in the film version of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  [Spolier alert] Practically saved the Chosen One’s life, didn’t she!

💅 Not only has she acted in multiple productions at the Young Vic, including The Valley of Astonishment, Kafka’s Monkey and Fragments, but she’s also written and directed one; My Perfect Mind.

😎 Kathryn was the first British female to play King Lear professionally.

👸 She was awarded the Laurence Olivier Theatre Award in 1991 for Best Actress for her performance in The Visit, at the Royal National Theatre.

💯 Kathryn trained at RADA where she is now an associate, and regularly directs student productions.

💃 She was born in New York to Greek parents but raised in Britain. How’s that for a theatre culture tri-factor.

Find out more about The Emperor at yv.org and watch our first look at rehearsals on youtube.

* Michael Billington on Kathryn Hunter in Cyrano de Bergerac (Southwark Playhouse, 2016)

One thought on “TBT on our favourite Hunter | Six things you might know already about Kathryn Hunter but are still pretty interesting

  1. Wasn’t King Lear also at the Young Vic? And certainly the Beckett Fragments was another Hunter performance I saw there.

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