Rain, rain..

Fevered Sleep’s And the Rain Falls Down. Photo by Keith Pattison

And the Rain Falls Down has been playing for the past 3 weeks to full-houses here at the Young Vic… it’s been such a delight seeing children, parents, teachers and guardians coming in all dressed up in wellies and rain gear! With only a few performances left, we will be very sad to see it go. If you haven’t managed to buy a ticket, it’s not too late – the show will be touring to Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool over the next month.

Some of the things we’ve overheard in the theatre…

It’s going to rain The water! He got some boots What that lady doing? It’s raining Puddle!! Uh-oh They’re having lots of fun aren’t they? She needs a towel Water finished now It’s all full of water Her hair’s wet Whoa! Fishes! Quack Quack Quack I wanna to do that That’s funny It doesn’t matter if my boots get wet An Umbrella, an Umbrella, an Umbrella Drip-drop, drip-drop Umbrella in the sky Little ducks She wants the water Haha, I got wet Wow! The sun! It’s a rainbow This show’s about getting wet and deception is about goodies and baddies

Were you there too? Let us know what you thought of the show!

Inspired by the daily rituals of a child’s life…

And the Rain Falls Down is part of a trilogy of projects that have been inspired by the daily rituals of a child’s life.   Our very first project for children, Feast your Eyes, explored stories of food and eating, and broke the mealtime rule that you shouldn’t play with your food.  More recently, Brilliant explored the strange imaginings, beautiful dreams and powerful emotions that come to us at bedtime, when it’s time to turn out the light.  And the Rain Falls Down grew from talking about the pleasure and physical play that come from having a bath:  when water turns into a something to grab and pour and catch, something that changes form, that envelops and entrances, and something that always, always, eventually, trickles away.” Read more here >>

David Harradine, Direction & Design

And the Rain Falls Down runs from 24 February – 12 March

Ingredients for a Raining Show

  • A watertight set
  • Light
  • Music, played on a double bass
  • Memories of playing in the bath when we were children
  • (and of puddles, hose pipes, water pistols, stepping stones, rainstorms)
  • (memories of puddles, hose pipes, water pistols, stepping stones, rainstorms and bath-time from when we were adults)
  • Two lovely performers, willing to get soaking wet
  • A marvellous stage management team
  • Lots of blue silk, to make walls, to keep the water in
  • 6 yellow wellies

And what else? Check out the show blog for more. And the Rain Falls Down runs from 24 February – 12 March. Tickets are selling quickly!