The Jungle wins at South Bank Awards 2018

jungle award

We’re incredibly proud and excited to announce that The Jungle has won the theatre category at the South Bank Awards 2018! A huge congratulations to everyone that has worked on this brilliant production.

The Jungle premiered with a sold-out run at the Young Vic last year and is now playing at the Playhouse Theatre until 3rd November 2018. Tickets are available to book here.

Congrats nominees!

Hamlet has been nominated for Best Shakespearean Production for the 2012 What’s On Stage awards! Plus Kyle Soller, seen in our productions of Government Inspector and The Glass Menagerie, has been nominated for London Newcomer of the Year.

Separately, Michael Sheen and Bill Mitchell’s The Passion for the National Theatre of Wales has been nominated for Theatre Event of the Year.

Congratulations to all the nominees. We have our fingers crossed for you.

Thank you Markit!

Earlier this summer (if you can call it that…?), our partnership with Markit was recognized at Communicate Magazine’s 2011 Corporate Engagement Awards.

For those of you who don’t know Markit, it’s one of London’s fastest-growing private companies and they’re new to arts sponsorship. Last year, we joined with them in an exciting corporate partnership, as they became the lead sponsor of our Funded Ticket Scheme. Markit offered 200 employees and clients the chance to buy exclusive season tickets from us, and we set up eight special Markit Nights this season to watch shows from the best seats, at a discounted price. For each season ticket sold, Markit made a donation to our Funded Ticket Scheme, through which we give away 10% of the theatre’s each year to people who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to come to the theatre. Markit’s employees are also invited to pre-show talks from creative teams and opportunities to meet the cast, and they have access to our High Performance Workshops, team-training sessions led by our talented young directors.

Our Artistic Director David Lan says, ‘We are delighted to win in recognition of our new partnership with Markit. Their support is helping us continue to produce world-class work while keeping our ticket prices as low as possible and reaching people who ordinarily feel that theatre is not for them. We hope this will be a long and expanding partnership with Markit that will also help to redefine our relationship with business in the future.’

And Markit’s Chief Executive Officer Lance Uggla says, ‘These awards are testament to the hard work that has gone into building our partnership with the Young Vic and to the benefits it brings to the local community. The partnership also allows employees at Markit to experience great shows and learn from professionals and artists at the Young Vic. We are very proud to be lead sponsor of the Funded Ticket Scheme and look forward to the continuing development of this important initiative.’

What’s so exciting about working with Markit is their support of our commitment to sharing theatre with all kinds of people. They’re helping us give back to the community, one ticket at a time.

Fact #12: And the winner is…

Proudly displayed in our office

We won the RIBA London Building of the Year 2007 Award after our building got a revamp!

What RIBA says about our building…

“This is clip-on architecture: a kind of theatrical Archigram, a Fun Palace that got built. You have the impression that the whole thing could be taken apart and put back together in another place and for other purposes.

First take one temporary theatre now in its 38th year and therefore long past its sell-by date, double the footprint and add height to the auditorium, thus greatly improving its technical specification, and two studio theatres; then honestly express the additions as distinct elements using different cladding materials – steel mesh, customised concrete blocks and glass; allow this whole assemblage to muscle its way into a mish-mash of a street – yes this scheme engages with the city, but very much on its own terms – and you have a building well worthy of architecture’s premier prize.

The new Young Vic is the result of the passion of one man for the theatre. It is clever architecture without being shouty. It is the opposite of skin-deep object architecture, retaining the best elements of its temporary predecessor but adding all the things theatres need today to draw audiences away from their computers and TVs.”