Behind the Scenes highlights from Stage Managers Day 2018

In the theatre world, sometimes those behind the scenes can get lost amongst the glamour and glitz of what’s on stage – so this year for Stage Manager’s Day we handed our wonderful stage managers the reigns to our Instagram account to reclaim the spotlight and show off what they do best.

See the highlights below!

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Twelfth Night runs until 17 Nov at the Young Vic. Limited tickets from £10.

Ola Ince on Dutchman, race and research

We caught up with Dutchman director, Ola Ince, to discuss how she found Dutchman, why she chose it for the Genesis Future Directors Award and why the play is still so relevant today, over 50 years on from it being written by Amiri Baraka.

Ola shared some of her research with us; the documentaries, videos and articles she explored with the cast and her creative team whilst researching and rehearsing Dutchman. The breadth of research demonstrates how much information goes in to bringing a script to life and the inspiration behind staging the characters and their relationships.

The Sixties – The Years That Shaped a Generation, 2005
Storyville, Black panthers – On BBC iplayer
The African Americans, Many Rivers to Cross, Rise 1940 – 1968
Beat Generation, The Source
Thelonious Monk: Staight No Chaser
Black Power mixtape
Legends, The Motown Invasion
White people, MTV

Amiri Baraka

New York Underground, 1960’s archive footage


Cartoons – for Clay’s attraction to Lula


Dutchman runs at the Young Vic until 16 April:
Find out more about the Genesis Future Directors Award on the Young Vic Directors Program.

A chance for you to perform in a Young Vic Community Show

The Young Vic puts on two community shows a year with full professional creative and production teams in one of our theatre spaces. This June, partly inspired by seeing inclusive shows working with BSL interpreters, foreign languages and people with Tourettes Syndrome, we are looking for a fully inclusive cast of adult participants all of whom communicate in diverse ways – be that users of BSL or people with TS.

Turning a Little Further - Community Show 2015

Turning a Little Further – Community Show 2015

Information about our previous community productions and work with Southwark and Lambeth can be found on our website.

No experience of performing – or the arts – necessary. If you are interested or have any questions contact Lily on for more info. Rehearsals will be inclusive, engaging and fun and all will be supported by a team of BSL interpreters as well as being supportive of any other specific needs you may have.

Info Meeting: Saturday 20 Feb (Interpreters available for BSL users)
Rehearsals: Saturdays & Monday evenings from March to end of June. Daytimes from 13 June to 25 June.
Performances: Evenings & Afternoons 23, 24, 25 June

If you would like to come along to our open meeting please email Lily with:
Your name
Your date of birth
Your address
A contact number

We will be in touch with the times of the meeting.

We can’t wait to meet you!

‘Shakespeare is a bit of a stirrer’ | Parallel Macbeth cast talk Shakespeare


Our cast of young people from across London enjoy starting afternoon rehearsals with an impromptu rap.

Our cast of young people currently devising a response to our main house show of Macbeth spent some time talking about their experience devising with director Caroline Byrne and how incorporating choreography is changing their perspective on Shakespeare and theatre.

What are you getting out of rehearsals and the project in general?

Calum: I have been exposed to physical theatre for the first time and how you can paint a story using your body instead of using words. This is something I haven’t had experience in before and it has really opened my eyes about how you can show something without even saying anything.

Ali: This project is actually helping me work a lot easier with other people and to work within a group of completely different ages… It doesn’t matter about age or where you come from, it’s just about what you can bring to the table.

Joshua: I have been able to use my imagination to form movement and also use movement to express myself and bring my imagination to life.

What do you think about Macbeth?

Jordi: I have done Macbeth about four or five times before and what I have done is mainly scripted performance. Now that we are doing a movement piece it’s not all about learning lines, it’s using movement to create the whole performance.

Have you experienced Shakespeare before and if so, in what way/ what do you think of him?

Django: What I think is interesting is that we are creating a movement piece based on a Shakespeare play, as Shakespeare is normally based on text and is very wordy. It’s interesting because most of the movement is based on violence, death and blood but we are creating a movement piece based on the things in between; sanity and the relationships between different people.

Kieran: I think William Shakespeare is a bit of a stirrer. He makes plays to comment on what’s going on in England at the time he does that really well and he does it in an admirable way.

Jordi: William Shakespeare is a cool dude.

What are you looking forward to the most in your show?

Neuza: I am looking forward to how we have interpreted it and how we can break the Shakespeare stereotype by using movement and bring new life to Macbeth.

Leticia: I am looking forward to the performance because we see how many people think Shakespeare is boring because of the text.

What do you think of the Young Vic?

Ali: I think they are really enthusiastic about young people and try to get fresh new ideas. It’s a really good and comfortable place to be in. Every time I come here I am really welcomed and people are really nice to me. It’s a really lovely place.

Kieran: Very nice place, five out of five stars

Our Parallel Macbeth will be shared with an invited audience in January 2015. To find out more about our Parallel Macbeth production and the young people involved take a look at our blog post.

Feast video projection

Anthony Newton is Production Manager for the Young Vic

In January the Young Vic opens Feast, a new production which will feature video design by Lysander Ashton of 59 Productions.  59 are the production company behind the video content which featured in the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony and theatre productions such as War Horse and Dr Dee.  In advance of this the lighting team from the Young Vic’s production department have been taking part in some video software training.  Jonathan Lyle from 59 has been in with a whole bunch of technical equipment teaching us about synchronising the control of lighting and video.

With kit kindly lent by Stage Sound Services and ETC we have been working through projects including setting up and overlapping multiple projectors, running cue sequences of video content and animation and linking it all into the playback of our lighting desk.  The team have been taught features of the software and had a chance to try it out with their own mini-productions by using bits of footage from 59’s back catalogue and projecting content onto set model boxes.  Once we get into technical rehearsals for Feast the training will really be put to the test but thanks to everyone involved in the sessions this week it should be great.