Go Between | Taking Part

Go Between was a Taking Part community show inspired by Isango Ensemble’s A Man of Good Hope. The beautiful collaboration between director Anna Girvan, writer Archie Maddocks and participants who are currently homeless or have experienced homelessness in the past explored what home means to all of us.

The show was inspired by the 30 members of the “creative, passionate, witty and optimistic” company and their own experiences, drawn together through workshops and sessions over 4 months, since September 2016.

Go Between also featured a photography exhibition by Jordan Lee, a photographer who spent 3 months with the company documenting the process from devising and rehearsals to the full production. The stunning exhibition was open to all at Platform Southwark and was visited by audiences and participants alike.

Anna said, “We hope that this production will give an insight to how we are all just people, people who want to love, live, experience life, shout, stomp, sit in silence, be challenged and listened to, respected and deserve that basic human right; a home.”

2 thoughts on “Go Between | Taking Part

  1. Was amazed at the moving story you created from the least of projects. The public was genuinely moved. Was a shame you couldn’t show more of it. It was very educative, and I personally felt the public should have been offered the chance to mode the negative to a lasting positive legacy: change for for a better future. Well done though for timely project that is resonating with most Londoners and probably the whole UK. Actors were real professional, thanks to your team work. Very Well done Job. Congratulations- Was a truly mini Hollywood!-

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